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Can AI Outthink a Market Researcher?

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The effects of the major advancements in AI are apparent in just about every industry. We at MDRG like to stay on top of trends and make sure we’re always utilizing the most recent technology, so we sent our Research Director, John Holmes, to run some in-depth tests to push the limits of new AI tools and see how they could be utilized by our team. His findings reflect the capabilities (and limitations) of these tools... for now. 

AI apps and bots are all the rage right now. They can write papers for students, compose blog and LinkedIn posts, and (somewhat) reliably answer all of the questions you’ve never managed to find the answers to. If you are fluent in AI speak, it can program your next app, find the perfect date spot, walk your dog, do your laundry, and be the brother or sister you’ve always wanted! Ok, maybe not all of these things, but it’s probably definitely going to take your job.  

John recently learned that one of the major AI platforms can now respond with images—a major advantage for us at MDRG, as we constantly seek better ways for data visualization to bring our findings to life. Could this advancement be the tool we’ve been waiting for to save us time and radically change the way we look at data? We took it for a spin. 

The AI prompt was designed to push the limits of AI and its boundless “imagination”: 

“Pretend you are a human and think of an animal that nobody has thought of before." 

A Magical Creature 

Meet the Floofer.  

As the AI described it, “The Floofer is a small, furry creature that lives in the clouds. It has big, blue eyes and a long, fluffy tail. The Floofer is very friendly and loves to play. It is also very intelligent and can learn tricks. The Floofer is a very special creature. It is a symbol of hope and happiness. It reminds us that there is still magic in the world.” 

So, what does this Floofer look like? 

A cat sitting in a bed

Description automatically generated with medium confidence


Magical indeed, but preliminary research shows that perhaps the bounds of AI are still within the bounds of humanity. And our jobs are safe...for the moment. 

If you’re looking for market research that is built on real, human insights, contact us at MDRG. We’ll always be on the pulse of the newest AI tools, but we rely on our team to keep the accuracy and integrity of our work at the highest standard. Reach out or visit the website: we’ll have our AI assistant schedule a time for us to meet. 

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