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Consumer Insights Market Research Research Methods

Get answers fast: secrets of an in-house researcher

It was a dream project: a new product launch, and I was the brand manager. 

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Market Research Brand Research

Top Reasons You Need Market Research in 2023


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Market Research Surveys Research Methods

Primary or Secondary? What research to do need to move your business forward?

Are you trying to make sense of all the data out there and how to use it to make important decisions? Don't worry, we've got you covered! 

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Consumer Insights Market Research User Experience

The Impact of Emotions on Consumer Behavior

Emotions That Motivate Consumer Behavior  Today’s consumers are more emotionally connected with brands and making purchases than ever before. One could attribute this to the internet and...

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Customer Experience Market Research

Customer Experience doesn't Suffer at the Rise of Inflation

It is no question that this year has been financially challenging to a whole slew of consumers. We are coming out of a pandemic and inflation is high. Consumers may be buying less this...

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Consumer Insights Market Research Quantitative Research

Tips From an Analyst: Improve Your Analytical Thinking

Have you ever described yourself as curious? Following your natural curiosity is a key part of improving your analytical skillset – making it easier for you to identify creative solutions...

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Market Research Project Management

Three Project Management Tips for Market Research

With multiple projects underway, it can be difficult to prioritize tasks, manage workloads and meet deadlines while staying within budget. Here at MDRG, we juggle an average of 15-20...

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Market Research Wellbeing Human Resources

The Shift in Human Resource Research Post-Pandemic

HR teams are under pressure to adapt – and fast. It’s no secret that the pandemic initiated many to reconsider the structure of their work lives. The sudden shift to remote work for office...

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Market Research Brand Research Qualitative Research product development strategy data science big data

Data Science and Market Research

Market research is only one data source brands should consider when evaluating their brand. With 99.5% of data going un-tapped, we looked at a few different data sources that can inform...

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Market Research Surveys System 2 Methodology Research Methods

Inside Look from a MDRG Quantitative Analyst

Hello, Market Research Enthusiasts! I’m Reshubh Srinivas, a Market Research Associate and have just completed my first month at MDRG. I was born in India but grew up in the New Orleans area...

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