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How MDRG Delivers Ready-to-Present Market Research Visuals

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Stephanie Douglass

Sr. Director, Marketing and Operations

When working with MDRG, Inc. to conduct your market research study, we pride ourselves on producing a perfectly executed survey and telling the complete story utilizing great visuals. While our team of researchers isn’t graphic designers, we’ve found easy-to-use tools that help them present the data in a clear, concise way. Visuals help to better communicate insights to stakeholders and therefore have a stronger impact on the client's business. If clients do not understand the data or it is cluttered with too much information the importance and actions to take may get lost. Visuals are just as important as the data itself. Our researchers are challenged with creating a comprehensive report using data visualization while creating a beautiful presentation. 


Here are some of the tools we use to prepare our market research visuals for client presentations:


  1. A great resource with templates to create beautiful slides and full presentations that are sure to wow your audience. Their templates are ready to use, fully customizable, and easy to edit. Their formats are intrinsically beautiful and tend to be not as data-heavy. In turn, works well with qualitative research presentations.


  1. Infograpia is a cost-efficient resource to display your data with visually stunning infographics. It includes slide templates, vector icons, illustrations, infographic templates, and more. Slide graphics include just about any type you might need from arrows, dashboards, funnels, roadmaps, SWOT, and charts of all kinds. The one-time fee (affordable for any budget) and assets are instantly downloadable for PPT, Keynote, and Google. Once you’ve purchased the full-access product, Infograpia provides FREE lifetime updates via email with links to download the new content. The templates are easy to edit, fully customizable, and ready to be used. Infograpia includes themed formats for the finance, real estate, and healthcare industries.  


  1. Freelance Designers – We have a freelance designer that we work with regularly and we recommend developing a relationship with one designer that can net efficient and beautiful presentations with your brand style incorporated throughout. If you don’t have a freelance designer, you can utilize Upwork to help you hire a freelancer on a project basis. Just make sure to discuss at length the look and feel you want to incorporate into your presentation. It is important for the designers to understand who you are as a brand to assist you in delivering a clear message. 


  1. Photography – We utilize Pexels and Pixabay for copyright-free images to help us illustrate the story. Adding images to presentations saves time in creating slides, makes the presentation more engaging and effective, and simplifies the message being delivered, which makes it easier for the audience to remember. 


5. Canva is a graphic design platform that creates graphics for social media or presentations and templates – similar to The platform offers a free or pro (paid) subscription for additional functions and features. Canva is extremely user-friendly and widely used across various industries. 


6. Tableau A visual analytics platform that is transforming the way we use and see data. This empowering tool provides business intelligence to your entire organization. The platform is easy to use and has several options to choose from when it comes to how you want to see your data. Tableau makes it easy to find the deeper meaning in your data and transform the information into interactive dashboards. 

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