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Innovative Healthcare Marketing: Key Takeaways from HMPS

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Kristy Roldan

Director, Account Service

Healthcare marketing conferences has proven to be a valuable avenue for MDRG to not only share insights with healthcare systems on what's happening in the industry from a research perspective, but also to stay up to date with the challenges and opportunities healthcare is facing.

Recently, the Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies (HMPS) conference was held in Austin, Texas, which was filled with insightful sessions and delivered takeaways for those who want to stay ahead of the curve in healthcare marketing.

Sondra Brown, Founder of MDRG, spoke alongside healthcare leaders about the importance of end-to-end customer experience in healthcare. Recognizing that customer experience is the most significant factor that impacts a healthcare organization's reputation, healthcare providers should prioritize their customer experience over legacy strategies. With a VoC (Voice of Customer) program, healthcare brands can understand consumer perception and the role it plays in differentiating themselves from competitors.

The potential of generative AI in healthcare marketing was among the industry trends topics that can help marketers by automating tasks and freeing up time for more strategic work while evolving the tasks that marketers do.

Throughout the event, marketing and strategy leadership agreed that marketing should play a leading role in consumer transformation. By doing so, healthcare providers can create a competitive advantage and position themselves as leaders in change management. Leaders also discussed the importance of co-creating business strategies with clinicians.

While there was a general understanding of the roadblocks that may be faced when placing clinical quality secondary to the consumer experience, the overarching theme throughout HMPS was that of gaining insights into consumer demands to drive business growth and stay top of mind within the marketplace

The HMPS conference delivered the latest trends and strategies in healthcare marketing and educated healthcare providers on how to differentiate themselves from competitors, create a competitive advantage, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

The MDRG team appreciates HMPS for the opportunity to connect with other leaders in healthcare marketing and are already looking forward to #HMPS2024!

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