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Inside Look from a MDRG Quantitative Analyst

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Reshubh Srinivas

Hello, Market Research Enthusiasts! I’m Reshubh Srinivas, a Market Research Associate and have just completed my first month at MDRG. I was born in India but grew up in the New Orleans area where I graduated from Jesuit High School. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Southeastern Louisiana University and a master’s degree in Economics from Tulane University, keeping my Louisiana roots strong. I wanted to work for a job that had both statistical and research-based analysis and found that MDRG suits those needs perfectly.  


Learnings of a Quantitative Analyst

Market research involves much more than just looking up a number and reporting it plainly. Market research is complex and multifaceted. The numbers and data tell a story and at MDRG we find ways to express and communicate that story to key stakeholders. While analyzing and reporting data is an important step in the research process, it merely provides a basis for which your research can pop. What I’ve learned in my first month as a market researcher is that your research needs to be a perfect marriage of data collection and charismatic writing. Displaying the data with eye-catching visuals can make reading the research easy to digest and to put the findings into action.


The Building Blocks to a Great Analyst

From day one, I was involved in several different projects at various stages of the research process. I approached each project in a unique way. The initial project asked me to check numbers for accuracy. The next project used PowerPoint to chart data given to me. Then I was given the responsibility to collect and analyze data myself. Another project had me writing survey questions. Finally, I was put on a project that was the perfect culmination of each task. I oversaw the entire research process. Learning the process bit by bit helped me understand the intricacies of each step.


Tips and Tricks 

When I was asked to think of some tips for future Quant Analysts so much came to find. Here are a few things I find most important.

  • Ensure that you understand the needs of the client. Sometimes clients prefer to have just the numbers with some visuals. Other times, clients prefer to be told a story to better visualize and understand what the data means and what it could do for them. It is important to understand when clients want these and to ensure that they get the correct kind of research.
  • Always double-check your research. Often the numbers can start to blend together with the various projects we do per day. It can be easy to make a mistake. Make sure to take the time to ensure the numbers make sense so the story can be accurate.
  • It is ok to ask questions! As my first full-time job, I was intimidated at the start. My previous job had only three employees, and we rarely worked on projects together. Coupled with the fact that this was my first market research job, I had many questions of how to properly start the research process. Fortunately, I’ve learned that everyone I’ve worked with here has been easy to talk to. Any questions I have—of which, I’ve had many—I feel as I could ask anyone in the office.


The Future is Bright

My background was in accounting. The first job I had was as a tax accounting intern for a CPA. I know, sounds boring. But it gets better—I also have a master’s degree in Economics. Numbers have always been something that I could understand and visualize. It is easier for me to explain things using numbers. But I do realize that others do not enjoy this and would rather spend their time not bogged down by someone frantically telling them to look at the numbers. One of the things that I hope to learn more about is how to be a better storyteller and writer. To better put in words what my thoughts are and help someone understand my conclusions.


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