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The Beverage Forum: a peek into CPG market trends

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Kristy Roldan

Director, Account Service

The Beverage Forum: a peek into CPG market trends through the lens of brand leaders

This year’s Beverage Forum was full of sparkling content and refreshing new products and product trends from a variety of brands and brand leaders. The Crafting the New Marketing Playbook session stood out as a favorite among the many outstanding sessions.  Leaders from Molson Coors, MilkPEP, and The Coca-Cola Company showcased remarkable content examples and shared their perspectives on how to stay true to your brand and find what works for your message.

In the 1980s dining OUT was a special occasion, but today, dining IN is special.

MikPEP’s, Al Dejewski shared that thought provoking comment during his talk. It is fascinating to think about how the US consumer’s relationship with food and has changed over time. The Woodmilk campaign from MilkPEP was hilarious and a great example of how humor can be a powerful tool in marketing.

Daniel White from The Coca-Cola Company shared his words of wisdom with the group "what got us here, won't get us there." This statement is so true, not only for Coca-Cola but for any business looking to grow and evolve. It's essential to keep innovating and exploring new ways to reach customers, even if it means departing from what's ordinary and expected.

During the Leveraging Social Media session with Allison Ellsworth, Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Poppi, and Garland Hill, Head of Growth Business at TikTok, they emphasized the importance of being authentic in marketing and social media, something businesses often overlook when trying to connect with consumers.

Another standout speaker and late surprise addition to the speakers was Jim Koch of The Boston Beer Company. Jim shared his take on the Alternative Adult Beverage space and the intense pace of crossovers between Alcohol and Non-Alcohol companies. He left us with his thoughts on innovation and consistency and how they are vital to continued success for a brand.

Overall, the Beverage Forum gave us a refreshing peek into the challenges and opportunities in the beverage world along with a spirited look and the trends and category landscape ahead of us. With so many brands and partners looking to quench the thirst of today’s consumer, it was a great reminder that marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and that innovation and creativity are essential ingredients for success.  Cheers!


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