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Product Development Research Methods Qualitative Research

The Power of Industry Reports to Jumpstart Product Research Projects

Researchers are tasked with getting insights to answer business questions, inform a brand positioning, and often identify the next big opportunity for product development. When it comes...

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Consumer Insights Qualitative Research

How Qualitative Market Research Uncovers Real Consumer Insights

Digging past the superficial to uncover true consumer insights has always posed challenges for researchers. Quantitative and qualitative market research methods have both evolved over...

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Market Research Qualitative Research

Reinvention: How to Re-establish Relevance in a Commodity Category

French Market Coffee is an established New Orleans brand that has been around for over 120 years. For those of you keeping score, that kind of “staying power” is usually reserved for...

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Brand Research Qualitative Research

Beyond the Brand Tracker

Brand is the personification of your company. Its purpose is to create an identity for your company that people can relate to. In the best of times, it is your biggest asset. In the...

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Market Research Qualitative Research Quantitative Research

Choosing the Best Healthcare Market Research Company

Choosing the correct market research company for your healthcare company can be daunting. A quick Google search pulls up hundreds of results, with each business promising to deliver...

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Qualitative Research Focus Groups

Choosing From Traditional Qualitative Research Methods

Comparing the value of in-depth interviews and focus groups as qualitative research methods

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Qualitative Research Online Community

Leveraging Emojis to Increase Engagement and Uncover Meaning


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Qualitative Research Online Metaphor Elicitation

Dig Deep into the Non-Conscious with Metaphor Elicitation

Metaphor elicitation (OMET) is a powerful tool to leverage for the purposes of understanding the underlying and non-conscious associations that shape consumer perceptions.

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Qualitative Research Focus Groups

Enriching Focus Groups with Online Communities

As the world of research increasingly revolves around online and mobile methods, we researchers find ourselves looking for ways to adapt and incorporate new tools into our repertoire....

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Consumer Insights Healthcare Market Research Qualitative Research Online Community

Why Should Healthcare Providers Research Online?

As researchers, our data collection methods need to keep up with the pace of technological innovation, as well as human behavior changes that develop because of new technology. Our blog...

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