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The Changing Tides of 2023 Beverage Trends

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Lina Kabarowski

In the ever-evolving landscape of beverage consumption in 2023, discerning consumers are ushering in a new era of mindful drinking. The shift is characterized by a trend in collective consciousness that prioritizes health, wellness, and sustainability. Let's delve into seven trends that are gradually fading away as consumers embrace a more thoughtful approach to their beverage choices.


1. Health-Conscious Hydration

Gone are the days when sugary and high-calorie drinks reigned supreme. The contemporary consumer is more health-conscious than ever, leading to a decline in the consumption of beverages that contribute to excess sugar and calorie intake. Instead, individuals are actively seeking healthier alternatives that not only quench thirst but also align with their wellness goals.


2. Bid Farewell to Traditional Sodas

The fizz and pop of traditional carbonated soft drinks are facing challenges as consumers pivot towards beverages perceived as healthier options. Flavored water, functional drinks, and natural juices are gaining traction, signaling a shift away from sodas laden with sugar and artificial ingredients. The era of conventional sodas is making way for more wholesome and nutrient-packed alternatives.


3. The Rise of Clean Labels

In the quest for healthier choices, consumers are scrutinizing beverage labels more than ever. Drinks loaded with artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners are witnessing a decline in popularity. Clean-label options, boasting natural ingredients and transparent labeling, are becoming the new norm as consumers prioritize beverages that align with their commitment to mindful consumption.


4. Energizing Naturally

Conventional energy drinks, once a staple for a quick energy boost, are experiencing a shift towards natural alternatives. Beverages with excessive caffeine content and artificial additives are losing favor as consumers seek healthier sources of energy. The market is evolving to accommodate beverages that provide sustained energy without compromising on health.


5. Plant-Powered Choices

Traditional dairy milk is facing competition from the growing popularity of plant-based milk alternatives. With an increasing number of consumers embracing a plant-powered lifestyle, the demand for traditional dairy milk is on the decline. Plant-based alternatives, rich in variety and sustainability, are reshaping the landscape of milk consumption.


6. Beer’s Share of Throat Declines

Mass-produced beers have been on the steady decline ever since craft beer stole the spotlight some ten years ago, but now we’re seeing a decrease even in craft beer drinkers. In 2022, the Brewers Association reported 0% growth, and the first half of 2023 showed a 2% decline in craft beer sales in the US. Declines could be attributed to the rise in hard seltzers, wine coolers, and craft cocktails. With so many alcoholic products on the market, craft breweries are going to have to shift their focus away from the next IPA and figure out how they’re going to capture the attention of those freshly 21 drinkers.


7. Unsustainable Brands Lose Support

Consumers are increasingly discerning in the values they seek from the brands they support and some are veering away from beverages associated with brands that don't align with their values, particularly in sustainability. Conscious consumers are actively seeking products from companies that prioritize eco-friendly packaging and transparent, ethical ingredient sourcing. The awareness surrounding environmental impact has elevated sustainability from a mere buzzword to a critical factor influencing purchasing decisions.



As consumers continue to champion health, wellness, and sustainability, the beverage industry is undergoing a transformative journey. The trends that are fading away reflect a collective shift towards mindful drinking, where consumers are not just quenching their thirst but making choices that align with their values. The future of beverages is being shaped by a commitment to cleaner labels, healthier ingredients, and a sustainable approach to consumption.

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