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Luxury Mindset Macrotrend Creates Indulgence During the Holiday Season

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Lina Kabarowski

Ahh, the holiday season. That time of year when indulgence seems not only acceptable but practically mandatory. You know it, I know it, and retailers and food brands certainly do too. Brands are strategically leveraging the holiday season (and the growing luxury mindset) to promote special editions, limited time offers, and festive packaging. The marketing surrounding these products can create a sense of excitement and encourage indulgence. They’re not merely presenting products; they’re curating experiences that resonate with the consumer desire for indulgence. It's not just about satisfying hunger or thirst; it's about creating a symphony of sensory delights that elevate the holiday spirit to a state of luxurious bliss and capitalizing on the luxury mindset macrotrend that is guiding purchasing habits globally.


In the pursuit of satisfying consumer cravings for opulence and following suit with the macrotrend, brands are reshaping the narrative of indulgence. Organic and sustainable are no longer mere buzzwords; they are the foundations upon which extravagant experiences are built. Advent calendars aren't just about counting down the days; they are an invitation to a daily ritual of opening doors to eco-friendly spiced teas, organic chocolates, and mindful delights.

The concept of reusability is a testament to the evolving definition of luxury. A keepsake advent calendar from Biscuiteers and Emma Bridgewater, two British brands, is not just a container for cookies; it's an enduring piece of art that adds a touch of sophistication to the holiday tradition. It speaks to the discerning consumer who seeks not only exquisite tastes but also a sustainable, enduring elegance.


Experiential Consumables

In the world of marshmallows and bonbons, the ordinary is transcended. The Naked Marshmallow Co and Stick With Me aren't just offering confections; they are presenting an art form—a canvas of flavors meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of indulgent pleasure. It's a reminder that the act of treating oneself is an art, and each flavor is a stroke on this delectable canvas.


Alcohol-infused calendars aren't just an assortment of beverages; they are an orchestrated symphony of taste, appealing to the sophisticated palate. Good Pair Days and Nio Cocktails recognize that luxury is a nuanced experience, allowing consumers to choose tiers that resonate with their individual preferences. Wise Bartender, in its celebration of alcohol-free options, elevates the experience through interactivity, acknowledging that the journey itself is a luxurious adventure.

Feasting on Extravagance

The holiday feast is not merely sustenance; it's a grandiose celebration. Whether it's Tesco's 30-Day Matured Sirloin Wing Rib or a plant-focused masterpiece from Waitrose, the emphasis is not just on the ingredients but on the experience of dining. Stouffer's Comfort Calendar understands that time is a precious luxury during the hectic holiday season, and its frozen dishes are a testament to the idea that convenience can be indulgent too.

Desserts are no longer mere sweet endings; they are grand finales. Asda's Chocolate & Honeycomb Avalanche Dessert (pictured below) and Aldi UK's architectural wonders invite consumers to savor the visual and gustatory extravagance.


The essence of luxury during the holidays isn't confined to the products themselves; it extends to the creation of traditions. Brands are not just offering goods; they are crafting experiences that become an integral part of consumers' holiday celebrations. It's about savoring the anticipation of opening each door on an advent calendar, relishing the act of sharing a luxurious feast, and creating moments of joy around visually stunning desserts.

40% of US consumers say they intend to splurge in the coming months. In this era of experiential luxury, where consumers seek more than just material possessions, food and beverage brands are orchestrating symphonies that tailor to the desire for a holiday season filled with indulgence, elegance, and moments of extravagant joy.

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Source: Stylus, Celebratory Food + Drink Trends: The New Decadence, 2023.

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