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The Minds Behind the Research: Meet the MDRG Qualitative Research Team

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Amy Basile

What is Qualitative Research?

In the world of research, where numbers tend to govern business discussions, qualitative research stands out as an art form.

Qualitative research is a craft, and our team has perfected it. The people on the MDRG qualitative research team know how to leverage their deep industry roots and unrivaled curiosity to uncover deep insights and unravel the consumer behaviors and actions that shape our markets.

Our team is not just a group of researchers; we are true enthusiasts, bound by a common passion for exploration and insight creation. With an appreciation for beverages in all their forms, the MDRG qualitative research team brings a level of expertise in consumer and sensory research that adds depth to every project.

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Driven by a shared vision of understanding human behavior and solving complex problems, our research team brings their wealth of experience and keen understanding of the beverage category to every project. Get to know the exceptional minds on our qualitative research team: the artists behind the science.


The Qualitative Team:


Senior Qualitative Research Manager Amy Basile is a beverage fanatic who believes that there is a solution to every question. Amy is fascinated by people and always looking to learn what motivates consumer behavior. Tenacious and curious, she leads her team in their quest to unlock deep and useful insights. Amy’s leadership sets the tone for the entire team, fostering an environment of curiosity and innovation.



Brand Strategist Mary Rose Walker connects her passion for insights with her background in marketing and beverage sales. She knows the questions that get to the heart of the matter to turn answers into actionable, strategic recommendations. Mary Rose has a knack for looking at findings wholistically and ensuring that the impact on the client’s brand is at the forefront of our insights. An Advanced Cicerone®, Mary Rose knows her stuff when it comes to the beverage category.



Qualitative Research Analyst Lina Kabarowski is our resident nomad on a mission to see the whole world. Her travel experience helps her see patterns and behavior through the lens of culture. Lina’s appreciation for global flavors and trends gives her a unique perspective that she incorporates into our trend and insight work. A Cicerone® Certified Beer Server and passionate mixologist, Lina loves to experiment with new flavors and combinations.


Expert Research Led by Research Experts

This research team is a testament to the power of diverse perspectives, collaboration, and a shared passion for exploration. Amy and Lina’s vast sensory and product research experience combined with Mary Rose’s brand-focused perspectives make them the perfect pairing, poised to anticipate trends, identify emerging flavors, and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of the beverage industry.

Empathy is a cornerstone of good qualitative research. The MDRG team dives in to immerse ourselves in the world of our clients and participants. Our approach not only enhances the credibility of our findings but also fosters a connection with those we study. Cheers to the passionate minds behind the research!

From concept development to sensory research or product testing to market validation, the MDRG research team is ready to do whatever it takes to answer your business questions and help you elevate your place in the beverage industry. A qualitative research study is only as good as its methodology. We take pride in employing a diverse range of qualitative methods including CLTs, traditional focus groups, 1-on-1 interviews, online communities, and more!

Connect with us today and let our team help you uncover the insights you need to drive your business forward.

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