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The Right KPIs for Tracking Customer Experience

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Stephanie Douglass

Sr. Director, Marketing and Operations

In MDRG’s 2022 "State of Healthcare Experience" report, we identified the three key strategies healthcare entities need to implement to create a successful customer experience. In this post, we are going to talk about how focusing on engagement metrics will improve your consumer experience. 

Healthcare providers have a multitude of KPIs that are tracked regularly. From NPS, HCAHPS/CCAHPS, brand trackers, Press Gainey, etc. it's tough to align around a single metric that has the most significance. 

When we look at disruptors, we see that they measure success through metrics that give them an idea of the consumer's engagement with their brand. Primarily, interaction with content, return visits, and finally adoption are all metrics that demonstrate a great experience. They also lend themselves to insights for personalization and continuous optimizations of that experience. As healthcare providers begin to blend the digital experiences into the customer journey, understanding whether or not the experience is easy will be critical to gaining adoption.

“It all goes back to engagement and that's under personalization. We deliver the right information at the right time to optimize engagement. That's our DNA. If there's no engagement, there won't be any results.”



While reliance on KPIs that act as lagging indicators is pervasive and institutionally ingrained for providers, there are some that are moving toward these engagement metrics and understanding the value that can be found there.


 We're looking at a lot of what I call transactive metrics in different spaces, right? So over time, are we a brand that we see increasing engagement by our patients and their family members? Is it a brand that's being chosen for broader and deepened relationships, as opposed to one and done?

-Chief Experience Officer, System

As the world becomes more accessible, convenient and fast, how will healthcare providers continue to meet the consumer where they are?
Our research pointed to a few themes in where CX is headed for healthcare:
  1. There will continue to be a deeper investment in customer experience in both budget and prioritization in the organization. It will become critical not just to differentiate, but to keep up with the changing healthcare landscape.
  2. Organizations will begin setting clear visions for leadership as well as staff. Care teams and operational teams will know what to do and why in order to improve customer experience.
  3. Device and technology integrations will continue to drive change. Personalization will continue to move through the customer journey and partnerships between disruptors and systems are inevitable.


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