Margaux Fisher

Senior Qualitative Analyst - Ethnography

Looking to Anthropology for Empathy

Anthropology offers insight into empathetic practices and mindsets that enable recognition and suspension of the implicit biases reinforcing...

Choosing From Traditional Qualitative Research Methods

Comparing the value of in-depth interviews and focus groups as qualitative research methods

System 1 vs System 2: How We Think

Linda is a 31-year-old woman who is single, outspoken, and intelligent. As a student, she majored in philosophy and was passionate about social...

Dig Deep into the Non-Conscious with Metaphor Elicitation

Metaphor elicitation (OMET) is a powerful tool to leverage for the purposes of understanding the underlying and non-conscious associations that shape...

Enriching Focus Groups with Online Communities

As the world of research increasingly revolves around online and mobile methods, we researchers find ourselves looking for ways to adapt and...

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