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Customer Experience Healthcare Market Research Trends

HealthTech without Engagement is Eye Candy

Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend #HLTH2021 in Boston. It was well attended and safe with both vaccine AND testing requirements. The conference focuses on technology...

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Healthcare Market Research Trends

5 “Must-Knows” for the Upcoming Healthcare Conference Season

Since we last gathered for in-person conferences just over a year ago, the healthcare industry has experienced significant changes and challenges. The world was a much different place then,...

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Market Research

What The C-Suite Needs to Know About Market Research

C-level leadership should be enthusiastic champions of brand research: after all, these core market truths guide strategic decision-making regarding brand decisions, big and small. However,...

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COVID-19 Market Research

Crisis as a Catalyst for Change: Coming Back Stronger from COVID-19

We are working with clients to identify actionable insights that will help them move forward in the aftermath of COVID-19. Managing the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak is uniquely...

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Consumer Insights Healthcare Market Research

The Power of Consumer Insights to Advance Healthcare Brands

The healthcare industry is under threat of disruption from influences within and outside of the industry. With one of the lowest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) of any industry, healthcare...

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Healthcare Market Research

Consumer Expectations Are Changing How Care Is Delivered

Changes in technology and consumer expectations are pressuring all industries to adapt to new means for (or new ways of) strengthening the connection to their target market. This pressure...

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Consumer Insights Market Research Research Methods

How to Get the Right Insights from Your Market Research Company

Undertaking a research project always involves a significant expenditure of resources. In order to make it worth your time, attention and investment, the resulting insights must transcend...

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Consumer Insights

The Insights Profession Needs a Brand Refresh

Recently, I attended the Corporate Researcher’s Conference in Orlando.  Throughout many of the sessions, including Brett Townsend’s keynote, speakers frequently challenged the Insights...

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Healthcare Market Research

Consumerism in Healthcare: Getting Outside the Echo Chamber

Becker’s Healthcare report identified Consumerism as the second most pressing issue facing healthcare executives in 2020— (behind cost transparency).  And, I would suggest that the greatest...

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Market Research Qualitative Research Quantitative Research

Choosing the Best Healthcare Market Research Company

Choosing the correct market research company for your healthcare company can be daunting. A quick Google search pulls up hundreds of results, with each business promising to deliver better...

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