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Leveraging Emojis to Increase Engagement and Uncover Meaning


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System 1 Methodology System 2 Methodology Research Methods

System 1 and System 2: Market Research Decision Making

What is System 1 and System 2? System 1 and System 2 are the two decision making processes researched by Professor Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking Fast & Slow.

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System 1 Methodology System 2 Methodology Research Methods

System 1 vs System 2: How We Think

Linda is a 31-year-old woman who is single, outspoken, and intelligent. As a student, she majored in philosophy and was passionate about social justice. She also participated in...

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Qualitative Research Online Metaphor Elicitation

Dig Deep into the Non-Conscious with Metaphor Elicitation

Metaphor elicitation (OMET) is a powerful tool to leverage for the purposes of understanding the underlying and non-conscious associations that shape consumer perceptions.

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CPG Market Research Brand Research Trends

CPG Branding: Rise of the Private Labels

“The gold standard is for a customer not to know a private brand is not a national brand.” – Macy’s CEO Jeff Gennette. Introduction Private labels originally focused on retailers...

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Qualitative Research Focus Groups

Enriching Focus Groups with Online Communities

As the world of research increasingly revolves around online and mobile methods, we researchers find ourselves looking for ways to adapt and incorporate new tools into our repertoire....

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Market Research System 1 Methodology

Package Research System 1 Methods – Ready for Prime Time?

Package design is often the first (and last) element noticed by customers. It influences consumers to buy the product or chose another one. The design must accurately represent the brand...

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Determining Advertising Effectiveness

With the abundance of ads circulating every form of media – all seeking to capture consumers’ attention, hearts, and minds – what is the purpose of the ad that doesn’t directly promote a...

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Consumer Insights Cultural Insights

Understanding Organizational Culture & Communicating Results

Culture is key to any organization’s efficacy and success. The most successful organizations tend to share a common set of assumptions, values, beliefs, and behaviors that bind employees...

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CPG Market Research Trends

For the Love of Coffee

It doesn’t only have a space in our hands, it’s one of the fastest growing CPG industry sectors

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